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Meet Our Family!
Varun Sharma
A man with a golden heart!
Rachna Sharma
The backbone of the team!
Azharuddin Ansari
Software Developer
A badminton champion who can’t resist when it comes to his fav game!
Diksha Tiwari
Digital Marketing Executive
A proactive member, and takes care of everyone in the group!
Ayush Mishra
Software Developer
The most dynamic food lover in the team!
Sambhawna Chakraborty
Believes that a pizza slice a day keeps her problems away. Coke is the driven energy behind her!
Muskaan Balhara
Content Writer
Gives words to your thoughts! She prefers dogs over humans.
Rishika Prajapati
Digital Marketing Executive
Needs coffee instead of motivation!
Shivendar Choudhary
A die-hard fan of Korean and Japanese comics! Showering free tips is his boon.
Divya Chadha
Associate Operation
She speaks 4 languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi & Mandarin.