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Importance of a Happy Community

Humans are social animals, and we need a sense of human connection and social vitality to stay happy and lead a fulfilling life. The environment we live in and the people we surround ourselves with, affect the way we feel about ourselves and our life majorly. When we live in a healthy community, we relate to it in a healthy way, which spreads positive energy around us.

A happy community offers us a soul nurturing experience which diversifies our perceptions and the way we live our life. Healthy interpersonal relationships instill our minds with hope and the feeling that we’re not alone in this scary world and the community we live in is empathetic. When we go through a rough patch in life, don’t we all long for a sense of belongingness and assurance that the warmth of sunlight is waiting for us? We do indeed.

A happy community gives us emotional support, helps us being socially aware and assists us in transcending through dark phases in life. Did you know that social enlightenment is a very powerful tool? Yes, you heard that right. When you’re socially aware, your opinions matter and people look forward to you sharing them. You learn from someone in the community, and you pass that piece of information to another community member. This is the powerful cycle of social enlightenment which makes people aware and responsible.

A happy community contributes to our emotional, physical, and psychological well-being. You must be aware of the butterfly effect of a happy community? When you’re happy, you make others around you happy and this happiness keeps multiplying and generates a therapeutic effect. Let’s understand the effects of a happy community through the story of a patient suffering from Leukemia!

Sarah, a 17-year-old girl was diagnosed with stage IV Leukemia, a type of blood cancer. Initially, Sarah was confident and positive about her treatment, however, constant sessions of chemotherapy and never-ending fatigue slowly shattered her hope. She withdrew from her family and friends. Sadness took over her and her parents got worried. Sarah’s doctor recommended her to join a self-help group. Sarah hated the idea and was reluctant to indulge in social activities. When she visited the first day, she found the idea of being surrounded by other people suffering from cancer quite depressing. She stayed quiet during discussions and didn’t participate in group activities. However, slowly, Sarah started to associate herself with the group. What started off as a depressing place, became her favorite part of the day. She became an active member of the group, started talking to her old friends, and made new ones.

But what changed in Sarah?

For Sarah, the group became a happy place to escape from the monotony of her condition. She saw people with similar situations as hers and found a place to express herself without being pitied or being judged. She could be her true self. Her mind didn’t feel heavy or lonely anymore. She explored the meaning of love, affection, care, and belongingness with her community.

Moreover, the group activities like painting, funny dancing, cooking, and photography helped Sarah explore her creative side and see the outer world from a different perspective, a rather beautiful one. She started taking a keen interest in learning new creative things and broadening her perspective. She adopted a positive approach towards her treatment which used to seem like a burden to her before. The people around her and in her community made her feel happy and wanted.

In that happy community, Sarah found a reason to live, to hold on, and to never give up on the beauty of life.