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What is InnerDots? 

InnerDots is a forum for creative educational experience. We embrace a wide range of backgrounds and teaching styles, and therefore we accept proposals from experienced academics, first-time creators, and everyone in between. Our goal is to help you unlock your creative potential. 

As a student how do I book a class on InnerDots?

At InnerDots, you define your intellectual, physical, and spiritual journey. You can search for classes on our Home page or LIVE classes page, and you can communicate with your desired teacher for free

As a student how many Free classes can I take?

Unlimited. Education has no limits and boundaries, we don’t limit any amount of creative learning. We provide a community and marketplace platform for your to search best teachers, consume classes, interact with like-minded passionate people and have fun while you learn.

How does InnerDots choose and organize its classes?

We are here to offer you a diversity of ideas and approaches - so our classes choices and organization revolve around that central principle. 

As a teacher what kinds of classes can I propose? 

We recognize that the human mind does not have discrete boundaries. Whether you want to teach on how to plant a garden, tell your story or pass on your love of music or your knowledge of your mother’s recipes, InnerDots is your platform for any form of creative, lifestyle or vocational teaching you can dream up. We only ask that your offering be a meaningful educational experience.

As a teacher can I propose multiple classes? 

Absolutely! We know you may have multiple fields in which you would like to offer your knowledge. You may also have multiple versions of the same classes.

When can I start offering classes? 

We are accepting classes proposals on a rolling basis. We went live on…………, and plan on staying live forever. 

What will it cost me to hold a class with InnerDots?

We do not charge upfront fees to join InnerDots.