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Build Your Community

Social Community is the Best Path to Happiness

Social creative community lay foundation stone to happiness, and happiness fosters social relationships. We are leading a movement to create empowered and happy creative learning atmosphere and we are 100% online. Here you get your real net worth – the Happiness Income.

Peer-to-Peer Interaction

Social interaction in online learning at InnerDots ends up our longing for befriending individuals with similar passion. A student could also share struggles or triumphs on discussion boards to obtain feedback, suggestions, or praise from fellow classmates.

With Happiness Income

HI! to Happy Faces

Who’d ever thought that expressing our selves would be so dang hard? But not to worry now! InnerDots bring to you the one of its kind platforms to shout out your heart, with like- minded people, even anonymously. Here you earn Happiness Income (HI) and the best part is that you can transfer it to others as well. What’s your HI?