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Connection between Creative Learning, Art and Nature

The concepts of Creative Learning, Art, and nature are complex and subjective in nature. The more we try to understand them, the more their horizon of perception broadens. As the world today is opening up to distinct methods of learning, we see how incomplete the conventional ways of intellectual learning are without creativeness.

This article is my brief attempt to establish a connection between creative learning, nature, and art. Before we proceed, it is important to understand what creative learning actually means. Creative Learning is the process of acquiring knowledge through creative techniques which can range from learning from a puzzle to learning from paintings to learning from music. In my understanding, the process of creative learning is not just a mere learning process; it is also spiritual in the sense that it helps you understand who you really are, what is your perception of life, and how your mind works in accomplice with your soul. Creative learning is finding a deeper meaning behind small things, that usually go unnoticed by the naked eye. When you think deeply, you start feeling deeply too which helps you understand the environment around you in a more complete and wholesome way.

Creative learning through art is still an alien concept to most people. However, it is the simplest form of creative learning. For instance, imagine you are looking at a painting. For those who really wish to understand the meaning of it, their mind starts wandering to places to perceive what the artwork might mean. This form of thinking is called abstract thinking and it is activated when you look at something abstract (whose interpretation is subjective to your beliefs, ideas, and prejudices) which makes you want to think, really think. Without even realizing it, your mind starts developing creatively and the more you think creatively, the more the skill grows. This set of creative skills through visual learning, not only sharpens your visual-spatial acuity but forms another dimension in your subconscious mind that makes you think out-of-the-box. You start experiencing emotional, spiritual, and psychological autonomy that you had never experienced before, and you start looking at things in a better way.

Now let’s talk a bit about creative learning and nature. Nature surprises us every day and it exposes itself in the most creative ways which often go unnoticed by the naked eye. We appreciate flowers after they bloom, but a few of us notice the way they grow and go through different phases before they bloom. The way flowers blossom in spring, leaves fall in autumn, and monotony takes over in winters, is a creative process that we can learn a lot from. Just the way nature undergoes different seasons, our life goes through different phases and each phase teaches us an important lesson. If we listen closely, nature has indifferent ways of transmission creativity.

The best part about creative learning is that you can never be wrong. It is simply your own individualistic way of looking at things. What you perceive, it owns right- it is just a way to know yourself better.

Creative learning through art and nature shapes and reshapes your psychological structure. Once you indulge in the learning process, you slowly observe your ability to delay gratification, tolerating ambiguity, and strengthening self-control.

An important observation to note here is that this method of learning is not just restricted to learning through paintings. Art cannot be contained as it is everywhere. You can learn through nature, music, literature, so on and so forth. The scope of learning is unlimited when you step out of your comfort zone.

Not many people believe in working on creative skills, but again, not many people know the true essence behind it. Just like intellectual fundamental development, creative learning plays a significant role in the overall growth of an individual to initiate the processes of problem-solving and analytical judgment. It is a long journey of exploring the ‘inner you, but it is worth it because after all, isn’t it all about the little things in life? If you wish to truly know yourself and the meaning life holds for you, Creative learning through art is the most natural way to go about it.

Thank you for reading!